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How to Buy and Sell Movie Ideas

How to Buy and Sell Movie Scripts

How to Buy and Sell Short Stories


People good at story writing whether short story writing or long form story writing can benefit from the Global Content Bazar as you can sell ideas also there.

Yes, sell ideas and do script sales in this B2B market which is better than selling a story online. Movie ideas can fetch you good contacts also.

Stop looking for how to sell short stories online or write a stories online, instead come to the Global Content Bazar. Also forget to search for portals to sell online or how to sell online. Human interaction is better than online.

Take your story idea and assemble rough visuals for a good presentation like a play story and then distribute your free video footage to producers, production companies, financiers and TV as well as satelite channels who will be at the Global Content Bazar.

Come to sell books if story has been published, sell script or even sell a movie idea. People who know how to movie like film directors also stand a good chance of meeting the right people and companies.

The conference can give you insights in how to right a short story and market it.

This two day event and give not only give you total insights but lot of benefits also.